ATMega128 Web Server

I bought this ATA Hard Drive Controller board from about 4 years ago. The board had an ATMega128 microcontroller and a 40 pin IDE header. The board also included 64K of SRAM and an RTL8019AS Ethernet Controller.

I had intented to use it to built a FAT32 IDE Hard Driver interface for my SBC projects. I found that I did not need this big of controller and ended up using an ATMega324P for the IDE interface (See it here).

I decided to try to get the Ethernet chip working with Adam Dunkel's uIP Stack. With a few modifications to the board, I was able to enable the 64K of SRAM in the external RAM mode of the microcontroller and access the Ethernet controller too.

Next task was to modify the uIP code to work on this platform. After some tweeking, I got it running and was returning pings. I then got the HTTPD application running. The default mode is to store the web page in RAM so I modified the uIP HTTPD server code to use the entire 64K space, allowing for more storage space.

The results were very positive. I also enabled an SMTP application that allows the server to send an email via my pop3 email account. I could essentially connect a few alarm inputs to the board and have it email my phone with alarm status!.

To see this server in action, click here -> Daryl's Micro Web Server

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Last updated on Nov 18, 2010.