Site History

7-13-13:      WOW! Has it been this long since I updated this? The 65C02 Emulator has been revised and upgraded. It now runs at over 2MHz. I also have released the CC65 Target files for both RAM and ROM images for the Emulator.

11-26-12:       I created a webserver using the 65C02 Emulator that can provide 8 ADC readings and allows remote reading and changing of 8 Digital IO points.

10-25-12:      I have created a 65C02 Emulator, a "system-on-a-chip," using an Atmel ATMega1284P micorcontroller. Check it out Atemel AVR project tab.

Site History

3-12-12:      I have updated the way the hyperlinks work on this site, making it easier to bookmark the page you are viewing.

3-1-12::      I started development of a 320x240 monochrome display driver that will have composite output and also support some LCD devices. Stay tuned for more.

1-25-12:      I have corrected a bug in the firmware of the SPI-IDE/CF adapter that causes some CF cards to not mount. The file on my website has been updated. Thanks to Mark Hamblin for helping me to find and fix this problem. For those with an SBC-3, I can provide a patch file and simple directions to do a flash upgrade of this adapter. Others are welcome to send their boards back and I will update the firmware free.

12-28-11:      I made a minor improvement to the 65SPI logic. Yuo can now clear the TC flag in sthe status register by reading or writing the Data register. Thanks to André Fachat for that recommendation.

8-28-11:      I have added a Donate button supported by paypal. I am hoping to raise more funds to continue the development of the SBC-4 boards. If you have any other projects you would like to see developed, let me know! Your donations are appreciated!

3-6-11:      I finished assembly of SBC-4P. This begins a series of boards that will provide a modular design allowing you to custom taylor your system.

11-17-10:      I have finally restructured this site. The old tab menus were getting too cumbersome to maintain. I hope you find this new layout easy to use. I also removed some older content that I felt was no longer relevant. Future changes and additions will be much easier to implement.

9-30-10:       I am taking some time off from these projects to catch up on things around the house. I hope to get a few new things added in the next 6 months, including restructuring this site.

7-07-10:       I have corrected a bug in the AVR SPI to IDE firmware affecting the FatFOpen routine using append mode. The new zipped source files are on the Downloads tab.

7-06-10:       I have added my Ethernet drivers to the SBC-3 System Upgrades Tab.

6-13-10:       I have updated the SBC-3 Page by adding a System Upgrades Tab. It contains all the upgrades I've done to my SBC-3. I have added data files for these upgrades to the Downloads tab.

6-1-10:       I have corrected a bug in the AVR SPI to IDE firmware affecting the FatFSeek routine. The new zipped source files are on the Downloads tab.

4-30-10:       I have updated the SBC-3 EHBASIC to version 2.20.   You can download it from the Downloads Tab.

4-14-10:       I have updated the User Manual for the AVR SPI to IDE project.   The Set Calendar description was not correct.   My thanks to Jim Gillespie for pointing it out!   You can download it from the Downloads Tab under the I/O Device Support Files section.   Look for

2-26-10:       I have done a lot of development on the SBC-3.   I have updated the AVR SPI to IDE interface to use the ATMega324P processor and have a few bug fixes for that as well.   I have made changes to the DiskOS supporting the AVR IDE interface.   I have updated the ATMega8 to run at 14.7MHz - increasing the RS-232 baud rate to 115200.   I have moved the DiskOS to bank 7 and the I/O from zeropage to Bank 8 (above RAM).   This gives full access to the 512k of RAM and increases Bank 0 user program space.   These changes were made to support the development of Ethernet drivers written in "C".   To this end, I have created the support files to allow CC65 to compile "C" code for the SBC-3.   I have also updated the EhBASIC support files for the new memory configuration.   Since I have not received feedback from other SBC-3 user's, I have not posted these updates to this site.   The files on this site will support the stock SBC-3.   However, if you are interested in any of these updates, send me an email and I'll work with you to get what you need.

5-10-09:       I have completed the AVR SPI to IDE Adapter.   Check it out in the IO Devices tab.   The support files are ready for download.
                    I have also added info on the DiskOS monitor for SBC-3.   Check it out on the SBC Software tab.

2-28-09:       I have updated the construction tasks for SBC-3 to include placing necessary straps in header pins.
                    I have added source and binary files for Enhanced BASIC (EhBASIC) to the SBC-3 support files in the Downloads tab.

1-10-09:       I have added preliminary info on my AVR IDE/CF Interface with FAT16 support to the IO Devices tab.

11-10-08:       I have placed the 65SPI source code in the Downloads section.

11-08-08:       I have completed the design and first bulk order of SBC-3 boards.   My thanks to all who participated.   More detailed information about the inner-workings will be released soon.

10-23-08:       I have updated the SBC 2.5 options picture to correct the strapping options.   I had made changed to the RS-232 on v2.5 but forgot to update the options information.   Thanks to Richard Leary for pointing that out!

09-05-08:       I am finishing up with my SBC-3.   I expect to start accepting orders at the end of September, 2008.   See the SBC Circuit Boards tab for more details.

07-03-08:       I have placed my excess electronics components for sale. See the link on the top of my Home Page. (9/5/08 - page removed)

07-02-08:       I have decided to stop developement on SBC-3.   I am currently requesting those interested in buying an SBC-3 board with 2 65C22's and one modified-65SPI to contact me.   If there is enough interest, then I'll layout and produce enough boards for all who want one.   This request will remain open until Aug 30, 2008.   Please email me with your questions/requests.

06-08-08:       I have added the draft 65SPI SPI Controller Datasheet to the Downloads section.   SBC-3 will use a modified version of this for IO access.

11-04-07:       I have the SBC-3 core up and running.   Look under the SBC Circuit Boards tab for more details.

09-12-07:       I have corrected a schematic error on my AVR PC keyboard IO device.   I had the Clk and Data lines reversed.   Thanks to Eelco Huininga for finding this error!

06-06-07:       Has it already been a whole year since my last update??     Progress has sure been slow but I am still working on my next SBC.   I've been busy with family needs but I have been slowing working on SBC-3.   It will be a completely re-worked board with a 65C816, 512k SRAM, 32k Boot EEPROM, keyboard, video, ethernet, and CF or SD Flash storage.   The details have not been worked out but I expect it to be very capable.   Keep watching this site for updates, and thanks for visiting!

05-01-06:       I've been working on developing hardware interfaces and firmware for Ethernet, Compact Flash, and Video for my next SBC.   I hope to have the prototype ready by December 2006.   In the mean time, I have moved the site once again after finally registering a domain of my own (   Over the past 5 years, this site has had over 20,000 visitors and I've seen many SBC's built.   My thanks to all of you who have helped and supported my efforts!

12-10-05:       I've moved this site to another location. Current project is a FAT16 compatible interface to IDE/CF devices.   Also working on video and ethernet....

05-30-05:       I've fixed the Simulator's Indirect Zero Page address mode and update the Sim OS ROM with the latest updates; including EhBASIC V2.09. I also updated the SBC-2 OS files. Get them in the Downloads section.

01-17-05:       I've added the source code for the Graphical LCD Text Display's ATMega8 in the Downloads section.

12-10-04:       I've added the source code for the Composite Video Display's ATMega8 in the Downloads section.

08-21-04:       I've added a list of parts that are available for sale.   Contact me via email for details!

06-14-04:       I've added a parts list and supply source list (written by Doug Corarito) to the "" support file in the downloads page.

01-29-04:       I've added my 28256 EEPROM programmer to the Device Programmers in the I/O devices area.   Check it out under the "I/O Devices" tab.

01-27-04:       I've added two more devices to the I/O Devices.   One is an Atmel ATmega8 microcontroller programmer and the other is a PIC 16F628 microcontroller programmer.   These are only "hobby grade" but have both been used successfully during my video display experiments.   So check it out under the "I/O Devices" tab.

12-27-03:       I've completed Phase 3 of my Video I/O project.   I have a working text display supporting 40x25 monochrome NTSC video.   I'll be working on a PAL version as well so check it out under the "I/O Devices" tab.

9-12-03:       I've added a tutorial covering the building of assembly files with TASS for use with my SBC and Simulator.   I explain how to build and transfer files to these platforms.   Check it out under the SBC Software section of this site.

8-28-03:       I've updated my 65C02 Simulator again!   It has been rewritten to be compiled using the free LCC compiler.   I've fixed a couple of minor bugs in the debugger as well.   Download it from the Downloads section of this site.

8-20-03:       A New topic was added to the forum called SBC Series Projects.   This will provide a place for all of the SBC users to share project information and ask questions.   Check it out!

8-11-03:       I've updated the sbc-2 v2.5 firmware with the latest version of EhBASIC (V1.10).   The Simulator's OS has also been updated.

7-02-03:       I've updated the IO Devices - Composite Video Test pages with my three-phased test program.   I've included the schematic for my phase two test circuit. [1/27/04 - Phase 2 has been abandoned - see the Text Display for the replacement.]

4-18-03:       I've updated the 65C02 Simulator For Windows program to process the WDC 65C02S processors added opcodes; such as STP, WAI, BBRx, BBSx, RMBx, & SMBx.   I've also updated the operating system of the simulator to properly assemble and disassemble these opcodes.   The program and the source code are available from the Downloads section of this site.

4-10-03:       I've added a NTSC Composite Video Demo to my I/O Devices Page. This is a software-based approach to video generation.

4-07-03:       Another sucessful Bulk order was completed.   I made a few modifications to the board and delivered 23 new SBC-2 v2.5 boards to fellow enthusiasts.   Thanks again for all of your support!

12-11-02:       I have collected requests for another bulk purchase of SBC-2 boards.   This will be a not for profit purchase. With enough participation (15-20 boards), the price will be about $24.   Thanks!

9-30-02:       I had my 5000th visitor to this site.   Thanks to everyone for supporting my projects and providing your feedback.

8-13-02:       I ported a copy of PeterJennings' MicroChess to run on the SBC-2 platform.   The binary and source files may be downloaded under the "Download" tab.   Enjoy!!!

8-1-02:       I've worked with Ross Archer to add a file upload capability to the SBC-2 monitor.   We've added the "U" command which allows the user to send either a binary file (via XMODEM/CRC) or an Intel-Hex formatted text file to the SBC.   The monitor will autodetect the format and download the file!   Look under the "65C02 SBC Software" tab for more info and "Download" tab for the Binary and Source Files!

7-13-02:       I added Lee Davidson's Enhanced BASIC to the SBC Operating System

5-01-02:       I offered to manage a bulk order of SBC-2 boards.   I had over 22 boards ordered!

4-15-02:       I created my SBC-2 board and posted its design specs on the site.

4-25-01:       I joined the "6502 Web Ring" and started getting many more hits to this site.

4-10-01:       I created this web site to display my "65C02 Simulator For Windows" program, the operating system, and the details about my SBC-1 project.

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