Items For Sale

I have decided to clean out my projects drawers and am offer the following items for sale:

- Prices reflect my costs plus a little extra for assembly time and testing.
- All boards are assembled and tested!

Qty AvailDescriptionPrice Each
0 * SPI-CF/IDE Adapter - provides dual CF storage of up to 2GB each using FAT-16 file system. CF adapter included. Also included DS1302 RTC with battery backup. Uses SBC-3 style SPI connector. Works on SBC-3, SBC-4P with DAU-IO1, or your own SPI interface.

10 64kx8 I2C EEPROM Modules for general data access and program store.

4 65SPI SPI Master provides a simple interface for SPI devices to the 6502/65c02/65816.

4 Memory Decoder GAL provides a simple address decoding scheme for RAM, ROM, and IO devices. Custom programming is available.

3 New WDC W65C816S6PLG-14 65816 Processor - PLCC44 ROHS - Date SA0601A

1 New WDC W65C816S8PL-14 65816 Processor - PLCC44 non-ROHS- Date SA0250A.


Please contact me for shipping costs.

Sold on first come - first served basis. Please email me (sbc at rictor dot org) with purchase request and I'll reply with availability and payment details. Cash or Paypal accepted.

All info provided "as-is" and is Copyright 2010.
Last updated on Mar 12, 2012.