Programmable Logic

This section contains information about custom devices created using Programmable Logic chips. These chips come in various sizes and are ideal for creating specialized devices and are much faster than using discrete 74-series logic chips when there are multiple layers of propagation to contend with.

The devices I am creating are to help everyone, from beginners to experts, make their computer designs simpler, faster, and more reliable.

They can all be modified to suit your individual needs. I only ask that you give credit for the work to me in anything that you create.

For those who are interested, but are unable to program these devices, I will program any device I am capable of for free. You pay the shipping to get the chip(s) to me and for me to return them back.

Feel free to contact me with any questions concerning designs, modifications, or programming.

All info provided "as-is" and is Copyright 2010.