65C02 Simulator for Windows


I am no longer supporting this Simulator as newer versions of Windows have restricted access to hardware such as the parallel port and serial ports. This code will run on newer systems, but any attempt to access PC hardware will result on exception errors. You may use this as you see fit - I release it to the public domain without warranty or liability.

Welcome to the 65C02 Simulator for Windows homepage. This program is a windows 95/98 program that will simulate a 65C02 microprocessor in a basic system. You can define the placement of a 256 byte IO area. All memory below this page is RAM, all memory above is ROM. Included IO supports a one byte data input port with seperate data ready byte (mapped to PC keyboard), one byte data output port with seperate data ready byte (mapped to the PC terminal output). It also supports serial communication through the PC comm port (simulated 6551) and parallel communications through the PC LPT port (direct map to LPT registers). I also added the ability to caused interrupts repeatedly, using the clock cycles as a reference.

It also includes the ROM monitor used by the SBC computers (IO is mapped to terminal rather than a 6522/6551). You can read the included help file for more info. My Monitor contains the basic I/O and boot routines, a disassembler, a mini-assembler, and now Lee Davison's Enhanced BASIC Interpreter.  Now you can write programs in BASIC from the Simulator! I have also enclosed the monitor's source code so you can experiment with it if you like. Use TASS to re-compile it using the instructions provided under the SBC Software section of this site.

I have converted the Simulator's source files to be compatible with the freeware "LCC" C Compiler. You can download "LCC" from here: LCC C Compiler This makes it easier for those who want "play" with the source code.

This is my third release of this program. Executable and source files can be downloaded here: 65C02sim.zip

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Opening Screen of the Emulator

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Debugger Screen

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All info provided "as-is" and is Copyright 2020.